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Stock Trendify

iPhone / iPad
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Do you own a “Strong” or a “Weak” trending stock? Use Stock Trendify to find out in one click.

Stock Trendify helps identify winning stocks.

Stock Trendify helps identify stocks that are breaking down

Stock Trendify is a free stock screener which allows investors to quickly see whether their stocks are in an uptrend or a downtrend. Investors can quickly identify the trend by simply typing in their stock symbols and seeing whether they are red(meaning a weak or down trend) or green(meaning a strong or uptrend.

Most investors spend too much time listening to dozens of bullish and bearish opinions on each stock when all that really matter is their stock in an uptrend or downtrend. Is the smart money buying or selling? Stock Trendify tells you just that.

One can use Stock Trendify alone to help identify their buy and sell candidates or in conjunction with all of their normal fundamental criteria and simply time their buys or sells based on a red or green trend.

This trend can visually be seen in the Stock Trendify app since the stock shows up either green or a red.

With this tool, a user can:

-view the bull or bear trend by looking at whether the Stock Trendify is showing red or green.

-add individual securities to groups called “watch lists”

-see the bull/bear trend of an entire watch list or sector of stocks

*Those who sign up now also get the option of seeing whether their stocks are in a “Super Trend” or not. These are exceptionally strong stocks outperforming the market and a majority of other stocks out there.