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Begin With Painter X3 Edition for Beginners

iPhone / iPad
  • Photo & Video
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01. Corel Painter X3 New Features
02. Getting Started With Painter X3
03. Seaside Bluff At Dusk (Corel Painter Tutorial)
04. How To Paint An Ocean & Beach (Corel Painter Tutorial)
05. Basics of Sketching People & Objects (Corel Painter Tutorial)
06. FREE Painter X3 Brushes & Workspace (2014)
07. Mountain Painting Techniques with Corel Painter X3
08. How To Pick Color (Corel Painter X3 Tutorial)
09. What To Do When Corel Painter Won't Paint
10. Remove Background From An Image (Corel Painter X3 Tutorial)
11. Make Your Paint Break with the Palette Knife (Corel Painter X3 Tutorial)
12. FREE Custom Corel Painter X3 Brushes
13. How To Add Color To Your Digital Drawings
14. Perspective Guide Drawing (Corel Painter X3 Tutorial)
15. Value (Tone) & Contrast (Digital Art Tutorial)
16. How To Divide Layers (Corel Painter X3 Tutorial)
17. Real Watercolor, Digital Watercolor & Watercolor (Corel Painter Tutorial)
18. How To Install Corel Painter X3 Service Pack 1
19. What Are Layers? (Digital Art Tutorial)
20. Change The Workspace Background Color in Corel Painter
21. Advanced Brush Controls | Painter X3 Tutorial
22. How To Reposition The Canvas | Painter X3
23. Extract Colors from a Photo (Corel Painter X3 Tutorial)
24. Universal Stroke Jitter (Corel Painter Tutorial)
25. Transform Multiple Layers | Painter X3 Tutorial
26. Jitter Expression for Brushes | Painter X3 Tutorial
27. Subtractive Painting & Eraser Alternatives (Corel Painter Tutorial)
28. How to Resize Art Onto A New Canvas | Painter Tutorial
29. Advanced Landscape Painting Course for Corel Painter X3 & 2015
30. How To Use The HSV Color Picker (Corel Painter FAQ)