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OyeOk-Real Estate Prices-Rates

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Lookout for the Right Property Price ! Choose OYEOK. Check Property Rates from time to time. Logon to to download the Free App to strike real estate and property deals with brokers, buyers, sellers, tenants and owners/landlords in real time. New property search through e-listings/e-appraisals with in-app scheduling of site visits and finding brokers all happening with press of one button.

Are you paying the right price for rent, sale or buy transaction? What is actual market rate of your property? When is the right time to buy a property? How do you validate/verify whether you are overpaying as buyer/tenant or being undercut when you are selling/leasing your property.

There has to be a benchmark, a guideline, a reference point or a ruler against which you can measure the quoted rates/prices. Ask yourself why not Real Estate Exchange(s) to help and rescue us become this guideline.

You should know that the price offered to you for the Property of your interest by the broker/dealer or the counter party with whom you are dealing is offering the Right Price? Your Real Estate Exchange -OYEOK platform will help you with this guideline that shall ensure you are not cheated of prices.

You still work with local property broker/dealers/dealers but deal more educated on every stage of the deal, track all your deals on your mobile OYEOK app, place all your ask/bids, offers and quotes right there in your live dealing rooms at the right time through your mobile, because if you don’t control your deal, people will make money at your cost of ignorance. Educate yourself in real time what is price right now?

Property prices search just like any other investment class is a function of demand and supply at any given point of time and hence one needs to be sure of the entire real estate inventory to be mapped for better clarity and transparency. We are working towards this daunting vision to clean the industry.
FEATURES FOR CLIENT ROLE in OYEOK APP: tenant, owner/landlord, buyer/seller, borrower and bank/lender

Check Rates in One Place: Why visit 40 websites/listings to build a price judgment of a property that you wish to buy/sell/rent, instead let the data of all 40 websites come and sit on your. With Google Map, listings view of each Building(s)/Society(s) this becomes one stop shop.

Check Locality Prices-Rates: Each locality can easily show an ongoing rate based on the data averaged over all the Building(s)/Society(s) that exist in that area. This gives you an indicative price for a particular region/locality and really simplifies your understanding of the locality

Check Building(s)/Society(s) Prices-Rates: If you want to go specific property wise configurations across home(s)/flat(s), office, industrial or shop and want to explore and search rates/prices for each Building(s)/Society(s), this is the simplest property app that can give you real estate prices for 1RK, 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK and 5BHK when it comes to home(s)/flat(s)/house/residential segment. Yes on a Google Map this is the simplest approach to navigate lakhs of properties in a city.

Instant Broker/Dealer Connect: Broker/Dealers play fastest finger first to get hold of your requirement on the App. You get connected to the broker/dealer via live dealing room. A 3 step simple form ensures you fill your requirement in 3 seconds. These instant connections, unsolicited, enable scheduling of site visits in the next half an hour right from the app.

Real Time e-Listings/ e-Property Appraisal: Broker/dealer network, as a collective judgment is far superior and competent to correctly price each property. Don’t believe on single broker but trust the broker network. Our platform enables a broker/dealer network in each region/locality to price properties on the fly thereby creating a price index in return.

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OYEOK is for properties in the Mumbai, India only at this time.
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