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Welcome to Funk Factory a new home for multimedia and entertainment industry services. Funk Factory is driven by high quality music as we are artist focused in effort to fulfill the public's need of good music that is proven to be game-changing and artistically turning edged to increase the standards of today's music. Our team of artists, producers, composers and songwriters, will provide a legendary sound that will wake up and revive the music industry. Funk Factory is an entertainment company that provides services beyond music. Soon to come are books and model agency services.

The Conception/The Bio

Akil O. Johnson, aka Killa Beats was born and raised in Washington, DC. Music wasn’t his first passion; it was a close second to sports. Until he was a victim of a life-altering gunshot wound to the head. It’s common to hear stories about artists, rappers who had a hard life and a rough experience; but it’s rare to hear such a surprisingly uplifting story like Mr. Johnson’s. His childhood is the epitome of a hard life. But most importantly his will, drive and persistence to excel separates him from everyone else. Mr. Johnson found a recipe to embrace challenges with a smile and miraculously continues to find a way to defeat odds.

At a young age, he learned that when one door closes many other doors open. He lost the ability to play sports but God replaced his physical talents with literary and musical gifts. He explains, that his music is his attempt to make his own door after record labels weren’t interested in his music or song lyrics. One of his favorite quotes, “Since record labels didn’t want to sign me, I signed myself”,
Mr. Johnson explains after he located similarly situated artists like him to be the foundation of Funk Factory Entertainment as well as Funk Factory the movement.

The purpose of Funk Factory was to create a strong medium providing a venue for talented artists that need a spark to get their music heard by the masses. Funk Factory Entertainment is not one person, Funk Factory the movement: is a collection of talented artists, performers, producers, songwriters and models.

Funk Factory Entertainment was created June 2014, however we have been germinating for almost 20 years as we studied the entertainment industry sharpening our skills getting ready for our season which is now. Funk Factory is more than a company. We are a movement: currently making music to inspire, enlighten, excite, motivate, party, and make you feel good.

Funk Factory's team watched the music industry go through a rapid decline so we rallied together in effort to rescue the injured industry, and focused our skills on writing and composing catchy songs with meaning that not only entertain the soul, but excites the mind and the body. So if you’re tired of songs that sound the same then stay tuned and check out our upcoming releases. It's time to change the game. Our first release was K.L.
( Killin Lyrics) highly anticipated album released July 2015. Stay tuned for more Funk Factory Entertainment news Thanks.
- - Akil O. Johnson