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Caveman Raw Crush

iPhone / iPad
  • Games
  • Puzzle
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Caveman has a Raw Crush – enjoys nothing but deliciously raw treats. Help him navigate the maze looking for all things good: deliciously raw veg, fruit and Vegesentials’ cold pressed drinks. In-app purchases include extra lives and Superboost drinks (Vegesentials drinks).

The game involves moving the character “Caveman” through the maze loaded with all types of food. You move him by swiping your finger across any part of the screen. He continues moving in a given direction until you swipe in a different direction. Corners can be tricky to navigate so make sure you swipe quickly.

You start off with 5 free lives. The goal is to catch as much of the fruit and veg while avoiding the less healthy food and dinosaurs. You gain points for all the healthy food caught. As you catch the healthy food, the rock obstacles at the exit(s) of the maze slowly disappear, allowing the Caveman to progress through the maze. Every time any of the less healthy food catch Caveman, his health indicator reduces until a life is lost. If a dinosaur catches Cavemen, a life is lost. After 5 lives are lost, the game ends. However, every 30 minutes the game is off, a life is replenished automatically up to a maximum of 5 free lives or you can make an in-app purchase of 5 new lives and continue playing. Note that if you have any lives left, and you make an in-app purchase of lives, you will resume the game with 5 lives.

To help Caveman move to the next level, you can make an in-app purchase of a “Superboost drink” by pausing the game while in play. The drink will appear somewhere in the maze. When Caveman gets the drink, all the rock obstacles disappear. Caveman then needs to make a dash for the maze exit while avoiding the less healthy food and dinosaurs.

As you progress through the levels, the degree of difficulty increases, making the game an exciting pastime.