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AIR SELFIE DL is an iOS app that downloads images stored in OLYMPUS Open Platform Camera AIR A01 via Wi-Fi. # FEATURES * OLYMPUS AIR saves a captured image to the memory card inserted in the camera. AIR SELFIE DL is the app that transfers images stored in the camera to your iPhone. * Lets you browse all the images categorized by the date that the image is captured. The main screen has three tabs: calendar tab, list tab, and settings tab. Calendar tab shows a thumbnail image on the capture date, and list tab shows the full list by capture date. * All the thumbnails taken within the specified date are displayed in thumbnail list screen, and you can download selected images. * A downloaded image is saved to the iPhone’s camera roll. # INSTRUCTIONS 1) Before launching the app * Turn on the camera. * Connect iPhone to the camera via Wi-Fi. * Launch the app. 2) Find a target image * After launching the app, the main screen is displayed. * The main screen has three tabs: calendar tab, list tab, and settings tab. The calendar tab is selected by default, and the list tab and the settings tab can be switched. * The calendar tab shows a thumbnail in each cell if pictures are taken in the day. * If no picture is taken, nothing is displayed on the monthly page. * The month displayed can be changed by tapping on the arrows in the top corners of the screen. * The thumbnail list screen appears if a thumbnail in the calendar tab or a date in the list tab is tapped. 3) Select images * The app enters the selection mode if the selection button is tapped on the thumbnail list screen. Tap the cancel button to exit the selection mode. * Tap thumbnails in the selection mode to select the target image. 4) Download images * Tapping the download button saves all selected images to the iPhone’s camera roll. 5) Adjust app settings * Settings are displayed if the settings tab is selected on the main screen. * Settings include camera power and download image size. 6) Miscellaneous * A preview image is displayed if a thumbnail is tapped without entering the selection mode. * An image is removed from the memory card of the camera if delete button is tapped after selecting the image. Details are described in the user guide. The user guide is shown if the camera is connected to your iOS device and you tap “?” button on the top of the settings tab. If camera is disconnected, “?” button is displayed on the splash screen. # RESTRICTIONS ON USE Do not use this app outside Japan. # BACKGROUND AIR SELFIE DL is NOT an official app for OLYMPUS AIR A01 but an app created from the OPC Hack & Make Project, which opens Olympus technology in order to blaze new trails in photographic experiences along with developers, creators, and users. Please carefully read the license agreement linked to this page before using this app. You are only permitted to use this app if you agree with the license agreement. # Privacy Policy for User Information This Privacy Policy describes the policy of Olympus Corporation (“OLYMPUS”) in connection with user information (ex., but not limited to, the photographed pictures by LICENSEE, collectively “User Information”) that LICENSEE collects through licensed sample application “AIR SELFIE DL” (detail license terms are defined in “AIR SELFIE DL LICENSE AGREEMENT”). 1. OLYMPUS does not participate in the contents of User Information by any manner. Therefore, OLYMPUS shall not take any responsibility, regardless of reason, regarding any damages of User Information. 2. Except as provided herein, the provisions of the AIR SELFIE DL LICENSE AGREEMENT shall remain unchanged and in full force and effect.