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uChoose by InteractAble

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InteractAble presents an all-new version of uChoose, the social skills game that encourages children to meet challenges, learn lessons, achieve goals, and, most importantly, have fun!

Our latest game is based on the first, and includes enhanced content and features to keep children motivated, learning and having fun. The user plays as Billy, a boy who interacts with others in everyday situations. Decisions must be made and Randy the Dog (Billy’s trusty sidekick) is there to help. Mini-games align rewards with the real world (Decide on a game to play with your friend? Now you get to actually play that game!) and stated, achievable goals encourage multiple playthroughs. To learn and see more, check out the videos in our store!

Multiple playthroughs are key to getting the most of out of uChoose. Random events and multiple choices are programmed into each scenario, meaning that each time a child plays, the same scenario may look different. Repeated play allows the user to experience varied outcomes of the same situation and helps them feel prepared for everyday life. Repeated play is also the only way to achieve all of your goals!

Developed by parents, teachers and PhDs, the method employed by uChoose aims to help children understand social cues and feel more comfortable in their environment. The program is specifically targeted for children with autism spectrum disorders and ADHD who can read and are ready to engage more in social situations. The targeted age range is 7-11.

New to this version of uChoose is a section just for parents and educators, outlining all of the learning goals and where they can be found within the game. Discussion questions accompany each goal to help parents and educators reinforce lessons learned.

Skills learned while enjoying fun adventures with Billy include:
-Learning to recognize emotions
-Learning to predict how a person might feel in a certain situation
-Responding appropriately to others’ emotions
-Recognizing when you need to calm down
-Initiating a conversation
-Learning how to initiate play
-Learning to take turns
-Being a good loser
-Being a good winner
-Knowing when to include an adult
-Flexible thinking
-Learning how to wait
-And much, much more!

InteractAble is focused on making social situations, the every day and the extraordinary, inviting and easily navigable. The first mobile application, uChoose, puts the user in the shoes of Billy, a young boy learning to interact with his peers and environment.

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