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Risk Sidekick

iPhone / iPad
  • Productivity
  • Games
  • Dice
  • Simulation
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Have you ever found yourself staying up way too late trying to finish a game of Risk before the sun rises? Possibly with friendships hanging in the balance? If so than this is the app for you! With Risk Sidekick you will be able to simulate those large battles that take place on the 11th hour. The Dice Roller will roll the dice for you or simply simulate the entire battle to its end. Also with the Battle Log you will be able to track every roll of the battle. Not only that, but with the Calculate Attack feature you will be able to calculate the victory chance before every battle - making your attacks even more strategic!

Note: This app is not affiliated with any company who makes Risk games, or any board games. It does not give any features that allow you to play the game of Risk, it is only a supplement to make your Risk games more fun.

• Dice Simulator: Enter the values of the attacking and defending armies and have the battle simulated. The battle can be rolled out, turn by turn with animated dice, or simulated to its end.

• Battle Log: The battle log will keep track of every turn of a given battle, army sizes, rolls, casualties, etc.

• Attack Calculator: Enter the values of the attacking and defending armies and have the victory chance and the simulated result of the battle calculated.