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Flower Bloom Plantation Game-Blossom The Farm

iPhone / iPad
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  • Education
  • Puzzle
  • Strategy
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Welcome to the Flower Bloom Plantation Games .With this cool IOS game , you can play flower plantation, fruit growth, flower matching, fruit puzzle and greenhouse fun games.

Link and grow your way through cool flower gardens and greenhouses full of colorful flowers and fruits. Put your thinking cap on. Farm the flowers by properly channeling water to make the flowers bloom. Then match the pairs of fruits and flowers by utilizing your memory in the Flower Bloom Plantation Memory Games.

Then slide the puzzle the fill out cool images of flowers, fruits, plantation equipment and colorful insects in the Flower Bloom Plantation Puzzle Games. Finish off with cool Flower Bloom Plantation "pose as a gardener" game.

Spring never ends in the Flower Bloom Plantation Games . It is like a plantation dreamland and you are farming for flowers & fruits and handling equipment among bees, butterflies and others insects. You are also careful that the flower plants do not suffer from water hydration and also the guards do not drown in water. It is a cool greenhouse flower bloom and farming saga.

Game Features:

- Stunning graphics and effects set in beautiful gardens in structured layouts.
- Enchanting background music will play throughout the game.
- Link water to all the flowers and keep water away from all the guards to win a stage.
- The stages become more and more challenging as you go on.
- Once you get through Grow Flower game, you stumble onto memory game. The memory game lets you match between cool flowers, fruits, bees, butterflies and so on.
- Once you get through the memory game, you stumble onto puzzle. You get to slide the pieces of magnificent images of flowers, fruits, bees, tools and so on.
- Once you get through the puzzle game, you stumble onto the camera game or "pose as a gardener" game..

Flower Grow Game:

Flower Grow Game is the featured game of the Flower Bloom Plantation Game . All you got to do is channel water towards the flowers and away from the guards. You are playing a cool farming game. There are 28 stages. It becomes harder as you go on.

How To Play :

1) Use water valves in the levies of the plantation area to direct water towards the flowers and away from the guards.
The flowers will blossom in water , but the guards will drown.
2) Remove and relocate the yellow movable blocks in the plantation area when required. Since the movable blocks are
limited, use them wisely.
3) You cannot remove a submerged block , so make the place dry before placing.
4) Keep all the flowers blooming and all guards water-free to win the stage and unlock the next stage. COOL!

Matching Game:

The matching game or memory game is the in build memory teaser of this game. It consists of flowers , fruits, butterflies, bees and tools
from the main plantation or greenhouse area.

How To Play :

1) You need to pair up similar cards until all of them are covered.
2) Memorize the location of each card in the preview. The tap "randomize" to hide the cards.
3) Check how your memory serves you by matching all the cards.

Puzzle Game:

Now, get prepared to stumble upon few cool puzzle games in the farming area.

How To Play :

1) Select the game and the difficulty level.
2) Tap randomize to shuffle the pieces of the picture.
3) Slide the blocks till the picture match.
4) Tap preview button when necessary.

Camera Game:

You have grown a large array of flowers and fruits by going through puzzles and putting your brain into play. Shouldn't you be taking some photos with those nice flowers and fruits?

Play the cool "pose as a gardener" camera game.

How To Play:

1) Find the suitable angle for you and tap "take picture".
2) Hurray! Now you have a nice picture with your fruit/flower.

We have had real fun creating this Flower Bloom Plantation Game for IOS for you. Please review this app to encourage us to bring more cool games for you.