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Sleep Debt Tracker

  • Health & Fitness
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Track your sleep debt using your Jawbone / Basis / Xiaomi / Sony or any other Apple Health integrated fitness tracker!

When you wake up, just open the notification center, and quickly make a decision, whenever to keep sleeping or to jump into work. Check it during the day to see whenever it's time to get some early sleep.

This app uses your Apple Health data to calculate Sleep Debt
Formula for sleep debt is 8 * 14 - {hours you've slept during last 14 days}
Currently, you need to collect at least 14 days data to get proper debt value.

Also shows
- time since you have slept last time
- time slept today.
- history for last 15 days

What colors mean:
Green - you can work
Yellow - good time to collect your sleep deposit
Red - keeping yourself awake doesn't worth it