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CTG Sim is a unique and dynamic way to incorporate real-time, interactive CTG into your teaching and learning experience. It can be used for self-directed learning or in group teaching as a simulation exercise, to help not only with CTG interpretation but also to develop clinical judgement and decision-making skills.

CTG Sim is very user-friendly and, when using two devices, allows for an interactive simulation experience that can be utilised from within the clinical environment, such as on the labour ward. The operator can easily change the CTG to suit the clinical scenario. With its realistic appearance and influence from maternal factors such as temperature and heart rate, CTG Sim aims to build confidence in leading and managing acute situations.

Features include:

• Easy transition from monitor to controller mode simply through moving the device from portrait to landscape
• Easy adjustment of variables, such as maternal observations and CTG features
• Realistic, life-like Doppler sound and the option of FSE mode
• Real-time graphical CTG trace
• The ability to go back to view the CTG trace as a whole
• Common CTG dilemmas such as loss of contact and detection of maternal pulse

CTG Sim may be operated in one of 3 modes selected on the home screen: standalone, monitor or control. Standalone uses the single device. The full screen trace view is available by tilting the device through 90 degrees..

Monitor and control modes use two devices linked together using the same identifier, using wifi or (preferred) bluetooth. One device should be designated the control, and the other the monitor. Both devices should be given the same identifier to allow linked working.

Once a mode is selected, the app remains in that mode until it is exited. A new mode can then be selected.