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PatientPrep Pro

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PatientPrep improves provider productivity and patient satisfaction by automating the collection and documentation of symptom & condition specific medical information prior to the visit.

The PatientPrep platform engages patients in their care by presenting them with medical questionnaires that have been created and approved by their health care provider. By using structured formats, doctors ensure all the right questions that ‘should be asked are asked’ before making clinical decisions.

The provider is able to accurately and efficiently complete the required clinical documentation post-visit by using the completed PatientPrep summary in their clinical note.


How does this work? Using PatientPrep on an iPad, patient's answer a series of structured clinical questions, approved by their doctor, specific to the symptom or medical condition which is the reason for their visit. They simply touch their answers. Providers have complete control over how PatientPrep is used in their practice, ensuring each piece of information you receive through PatientPrep is genuinely useful.

Here are some additional benefits with PatientPrep:

It can work side by side on the same computer screen with an EMR/EHR system.
Improved visit as more time exists to help & educate the patient and see additional patients per day
Less reliance on your memory to ensure key questions have been asked
Easily identify “red flags” which require further assessment
Know where to focus your time and energy with the patient after reviewing summary
Access to over 100 physician designed questionnaires which you can use or modify
Share questionnaires with colleagues at your medical facility
Create your own questionnaires in a format chosen by you
Use it on all or only some of your patients

Essentially, the platform allows you to input your own style and approach to the clinical situations you deal with on a daily basis. As a result, PatientPrep collects and summarizes the information you need to know in the way that is unique to you.

The patient also greatly benefits when this technology is used. By supplementing, not replacing the visit, patients benefit in the following ways with PatientPrep:

Ensuring key questions aren’t missed & increasing the accuracy of their diagnosis
Reducing misdiagnosis & helping identify serious medical conditions
Greater satisfaction by allowing more time for their provider to actually help & educate them, rather than spending most of the time verbally collecting information
Getting them more involved in their care right from the start
Having more time to think about their answers, without feeling rushed
Helping them to summarize their health situation in a way useful to their health provider
All information is securely encrypted at all times complying with health privacy and data security requirements. Many other security measures are also in place to ensure patient information is protected.

Please note: you will require at least one iPad on which your patients will use PatientPrep and
internet access from your iPad is required to use this application