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Infinite Level Block Puzzle – Extreme or Easy Game with Colorful Shapes in Fun Box

iPhone / iPad
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  • Education
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Infinite Level Block Puzzle is a completely free application that is both educational and fun. If you are looking for a game that can help you hone up your logic skills while it gets you amused, you are in the right place! Get your hands on our super cool block puzzle and see for yourself! Give in to the colorful blocks that invite you to join the world of matching and sliding! Go through our levels and be proud of yourself when you complete the hardest of tasks! You will soon get addicted, so prepare for endless fun!

Features for Infinite Level Block Puzzle:

* Get our inapps and block all those intrusive adds or get more helpful hints!
* Tap on the 'buy smart' button and get all the important inapps at once!
* Set the level of difficulty in our interesting block puzzle by choosing the level!
* Relax with this super interesting game while your brain is working without a pause!
* You will get three rewards on a daily basis!

**************Reward yourself with our special virtual gifts***************

Even though it would be much easier to rotate the pieces, our game doesn't offer that option, since the goal is to practice your logic skills! Think of a perfect way to fit the colored blocks into a designated area and turn on those gray cells! But be sure you will relax while you work on your memory and train your brain! This chill game lets you play endlessly, since the number of levels is infinite!

**********Keep playing your favorite game because we offer endless number of levels*******

If you get stuck on a level, and cannot seem to solve it, worry not! We offer a set of helpful hints that will show you the next move and help you move forward! And if you happen to run out of hints, that is still not a reason for panic! You can get our inapps that let you buy new helpful moves and liberate you from those disturbing adds!

**************Use our up to five helpful hints per game and get the next move**************

Your logic skills will improve significantly once you start playing with our puzzles! And don't be fooled by the name- our block puzzle is not a child's game! The endless number of levels keeps you wanting to solve more tasks, so you will soon get addicted to this extremely creative and challenging game!

*************By purchasing our inapps you get the chance to remove the adds*************

Infinite Level Block Puzzle tests your focus, but still gets you relaxed! Get it now and explore the magic of block fitting! Enjoy the colorful pieces while you try to find the solution! And whenever you feel proud of yourself for solving a task, tap on our 'reward' button and get three prizes on daily basis! Download this block puzzle now and enjoy it!