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Business Conference Online

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The application to simplify the organizers, administrators and participants of the conferences (congresses, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, presentations, reports, surveys, polls, ...) from the regional to the international with the introduction of all the information and the subsequent editing via mobile devices (phones, tablets, screens ...).

For participants:
- Search for and connect to an outdoor activities
- Connect to a private event through code, access code or a unique code (e-ticket)
- Subscriptions to new events notification to specify arbitrary criteria
- Create a single click
- To get acquainted with the program, event plan, information on reports
- To fill in the registration form (form), forming the answers to surveys, participate in online voting (competitions)
- To see the results of public online voting (In the form of numbers, percentage and graphically)
- To receive information from administrators (push messages, e-mail, sms) on certain changes (time, place and conditions of transfers ...)
- Send messages to the organizers, matters

For organizers:
- To carry out all actions and to see the results (to generate reports) on your mobile device (phone, tablet ...)
- The introduction of new activities
- Management of participants - registration, loading data from csv file
- Create arbitrary registration forms (questionnaires) and interviews with unlimited questions and answer all sorts of options for each event on their own
- Change the information on the event (schedule, speakers, report, survey, voting ...) or add a new one at any time with the online display of the change to other participants, organizers, administrators
- Group of participants with no restrictions on nesting levels
- Inform all or selected (group) (push, e-mail, sms)
- Organizers can have an unlimited number of one event
- To come up with on the spot (during the event) and to conduct online voting (contests, auctions ...) -... 1000-10000-1000000 among participants and get results within a few seconds after the start with the help of your mobile phone (device)
- To carry out open and closed voting (results are available only to the organizers)
- To conduct multiple surveys from one participant (opinion polls, market research ...), though at the same time in all countries of the world with a single database and online results for organizers
- Monitors and projectors to connect to online display various information
- Form of questionnaires, surveys, voting with the discharge capacity to a file and sending it by e-mail

For sponsors, partners and organizations (firms)
- Search for the organizers on arbitrary criteria

- Does not require a permanent online-connection. Works offline (make the necessary data and synchronize with the cloud comes with the advent of the Internet)
- Flexible search and selection
- Allows organizers to be mobile - to control the activity of mobile phone is enough (tablet)
- Avoiding paper technology and move to electronic data exchange between the participants, organizers and administrators
- Receive notifications even when the app is not active (in the background) or completely closed, or the party has not entered any information about yourself (no phone number or e-mail)
- The ability to call the contact number or send an e-mail, go to the website
- Can be connected to exchange data with other hardware or electronic resources by API
- Іntegration with existing automation system

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions!