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wool:AUS (Wind Code AS/NZS 1170.2 2011)

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wool:AUS (The Wind Tool) is the pocket calculator which determines building response as per the Australian national wind-loading code AS/NZS 1170.2 2011.
The perfect tool to aid engineering professionals, students and teachers in the calculation and verification of the design of mid-rise and tall-buildings in Australia.
wool:Australia is possibly the best thing since the invention of the Boundary Layer Wind-Tunnel
+ Design your own building and calculate along-wind and cross-wind responses for four wind directions:
* Base Overturning Moments
* Base Shear Forces
* Torsion
* Maximum Tip Deflection
* Maximum Tip Acceleration

+ Calculate and plot along-wind and cross-wind responses over the height of the building:
* Point Loads
* Shear Forces
* Deflection
* Torsion

+ Easy to use interface with minimal inputs required from the user:
* Basic building dimensions (HxLxD)
* Frequencies of vibration, assumed structural damping and mode shape exponents (pre-sets as defined by AS/NZS 1170.2 commentary)
* Return period, upstream terrain category and regional wind speed (with hi-res map of various wind regions of Australia)

+ Advanced controls available for the experienced engineer:
* Topographic Multiplier (Mt)
* Shielding Multiplier (Ms)
* Directional Multiplier (Md)
* Action Combination Factor (Kc)
* Eccentricity creating torsion
* Building density

+ Outputs important parameters used in the calculation of building response for user reference
+ Save projects and edit later
+ SI Units
+ Help Buttons for more information on the definition of inputs