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Beautiful Songs for Newborns: Feed your baby while listening to ambient music

iPhone / iPad
  • Music
  • Education
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We all remember that when we were young, our parents used to sing lullabies and soothing songs to help us sleep right away. There were times that they also read us story books which make us sleepy when we reached half way of the book. We enjoyed watching the pictures and listening to our parents voices as they read and sing. Our imagination extended not only to the book but further.

Now that we have our own babies, we also want them to experience listening to lullaby songs and story books. We want our kids to extend their imagination the way we did when we were young. Babies fall asleep right away when moms start singing their favorite lullaby songs and even humming works just fine.

Features of the App

*** You and you baby will definitely enjoy listening as there are many lullaby songs to choose from!
*** Traditional lullabies and new ones are all compiled in one app! It is easy to select a song, just choose which you want to play, tap and listen!
*** All songs and music are in high-quality! This can help your baby pick up words to memorize!
*** Highly effective not only for babies but also for you!
*** This app includes fairy tale audio books! This way, even you can go back in time and listen to fairy tales you missed, and discover more!
*** The Alphabet song and more educational songs are included! This app can let your baby grasps the letters while they go to sleep!
*** If you want to hear the sounds of nature in your room, you may do so! You can check for forests, oceans, even season music!
*** Parents need to know when their babies last slept, this app allows you to record and have sleeping log to keep track of time!
*** Musical therapies are also included in this app!
*** White noises, which serves as babies’ relaxation is also here! If your baby is stress and just do not want to stop crying, just tap on white noise and let it play. Babies love it!
*** Feel the essence of Christmas by listening to many Christmas songs available in this app!
*** This app enables to play all the songs in the background which can let you use your phone for texting or reading, while you and your baby relax with soothing songs!
*** If you like certain lullabies and songs, you can also set them as your alarms and ringtones! This way you would not be shocked when someone calls you in the middle of the night or early in the morning!