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Registration Form

  • Business
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Registration Form

Registration Form is a business application of registering Customer Information and reporting to Sales person in an Organization.

Clear Information about searched Information by the customer will be given by Sales person instantly.

For handling security We had provided Organization code and secure access code to allow accessing the Application.

For Employee Login we have Login form on top right of the screen.

After Login to application, Fallowed by 'Lead Search' , 'Material Search' and 'New Lead'.

Can search the leads by entering customers, sale persons on text field and click on 'Search Lead'.

We can edit customer information too by searching with Customer or the sales person the customer refer to by editing the selected list item.

Can search the materials by entering serial no, material color on text field and click on 'Search Material'.

Can have a look on material slabs in your store infront of you.

Registration Form App is especially an iPad application only designed for 1024*768 dimensions.