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Opel Astra Experience Tablet

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ENJOY THE ASTRA EXPERIENCE! The Opel Astra is the star of a completely new kind of digital adventure. The past, present and future all converge in a new digital approach. The ASTRA EXPERIENCE is a multi-media app that intuitively leads you to the topics that interest you the most. There are three main sections, covering the new Astra of course, but also Opel tradition and the Monza Concept. The contents of these three parts are cleverly intertwined, so that time and again you can take a detour from the new Astra to learn more about Opel’s grand history and the vision for its future models. You simply swipe across the screen, initially scrolling through the pages horizontally. Starting with the Astra, the next topics are the car’s core attributes like efficiency, connectivity, comfort and safety. You decide to what degree these are explained – short and sweet or down to the smallest detail. Hotspots on the pictures or info-points on the pages say, “Tap me to see and read more”. So you can keep going deeper into the material to take a closer look at pictures, graphics and videos. If your interest is more focused on heritage and tradition, historical information corresponding to the current Astra topic appears at the bottom of the screen. So, for example, as you are reading about the new Astra’s light-weight design and body, at the same time you learn that the very first Kadett in the 1930s already had a self-supporting body and not – as was common at the time – a heavy ladder frame. There’s also plenty of information on the visionary Monza Concept: if you are reading about the Astra’s efficiency and new athleticism, the offer pops up to learn more about the dynamic design of the sleek Monza Concept - which is the blueprint for the new Astra. Now you can again follow a horizontally-running storyline and get more details about the idea for the Monza Concept. All this time, information on the new Astra with all its exciting stories is just a finger tap away. The ASTRA EXPERIENCE is a new way of multi-media story-telling. You can hardly keep from moving through new, exciting contents and learning more and more.