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Health-eApp is your comprehensive, seamless and integrated health profile builder that is accessible from any device, any time, any where. This includes the ability to integrate data from 200+ health and fitness devices and apps. With Health-eApp you can give or receive in-home remote care, participate in health research, and earn rewards. Build. Own. Save. Share. Be the BOSS of your health profile.

Your participation in surveys and studies conducted by academic research institutions and national, state and local public health departments will help find cures and improve the health and well being of all. If you choose to participate, only de-identified health data will be integrated with passive data collected from apps, devices and sensors for research purposes only.

Health-eApp is a real life opportunity for continuous learning and caring for yourself and contributing to science. Don’t underestimate your contribution. Your data matters! Share your data with confidence. It’s your data. You are in control, so you decide what, when and with whom to share your data.

Security & Privacy

We know how much you value the security and privacy of your information. So do we! We have designed Health-eApp with multiple layers of encryption and security protocols to protect your personal information. Your data is end-to-end encrypted: on the device, in transmission and storage. We also follow HIPAA compliance guidelines and take measures outlined above to protect your privacy. See our Privacy Policy.

We have Apple Health integration with Health-eApp. Sync your Apple Health data with the Health-eApp using the Apple HealthKit framework.
How to integrate with Apple Health?
1) Install Health-eApp on our device and login to Health-eApp.
There will be the Apple Health Permissions pop-up.
User has two options: Cancel or Done ->
User clicks on OK, then app reads data from Apple Health.

2) To make this device sync with Apple Health Go to Setting -> Logged In Devices -> check the Apple Health checkbox for Sync
If user clicks cancel and wants to connect Apple Health to Health-eApp then
Go to Setting -> Preferences -> and switch ON the “Connect To Apple Health”

3) Permission is required to sync data with Apple Health
go to Setting -> Logged In Devices -> check the Apple Health to sync Apple Health data with Health-eApp.

For Setting up Beacons
For Beacon Range IN/OUT

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.