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Siberian Winter Survival Simulator Full

iPhone / iPad
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Are you ready for entire winter? Or prefer to spend time on tropical survival island? Anyway, try Siberian Winter Survival Simulator - great game to overcome the fear of freezing cold!
Explore harsh Siberian landscapes – snow-covered taiga, high hills and mountains and total emptiness around. Only wild animals roam here - and no one of them is your friend!

Spending time in Siberia is not like relaxing on Tropical Island – it’s much harder to hunt, fish or collect resources than playing usual island survival simulators! Look for weapons and tools, build hideouts not to get frozen and enjoy ultimate Siberian survival adventure in 3D! Test your survival and hunting skills fighting for your life with Siberian Winter Survival Simulator!

Welcome to unusual pixel reality – it’s all made of blocks and cubes here! Meet native creatures - wild animals and blocky predators - learn how to hunt, explore Siberian taiga woods, collect resources and craft weapons and tools you need. Mind survivor’s indicators – health, fullness, water rate and warmth rate! Beware the cold – it’s a main threat for your life! Build cube shelter or make a fireplace (it’s also a great way to cook a meal!), avoid meeting with wild aggressive Siberian predators ready to attack or hunt them to get food. Find pixel weapons and other useful tools or craft it yourself! Get ultimate winter survival experience and get all your hunting and battling skills to work! Test yourself playing Siberian Winter Survival Simulator – great survival simulator for those who aren’t afraid of cold!

Wild animals’ attacks are not the biggest problem, the outdoor temperature in Siberian woods might be about -30 degrees (Celsius)! Build blocky shelters and make a fire, craft torches and clothes to keep warm!
Keep yourself fed, warm and sleep well - it’s the only chance to survive in extreme Siberian conditions! Explore unusual pixel environment, feed your character with hunted loot, cut trees to get wood and build a house and stay alive! Don’t forget to check survivor’s status – don’t let it become red! Be ready for really cold days playing Siberian Winter Survival Simulator – great game for those who are tired of usual island survival simulators!

Siberian Winter Survival Simulator features:

- Amazing winter survival simulator in 3D – survive entire Siberian winter hunting, fighting and exploring everything around
- Cute pixel setting – it’s all made of cubes and blocks here! Trees, buildings, weapons, clothes and even YOU!
- Mind survivor’s indicators to stay alive – hunt wild animals to get food, build shelters to hide from freezing cold, craft weapons and tools to make your life easier
- Unique crafting system – quarry resources to craft anything you need
- Huge Siberian taiga to explore - swim, fish, hunt, battle or gather

Are you ready for the greatest survival adventure ever? Tired of relaxing on peaceful tropical islands? Explore pixel Siberian woods, hunt wild animals, survive predators’ attacks and build shelter not to freeze to the full! Upgrade your survival skills hunting, gathering and crafting! Dress warmly in new armor made of animal’s skin, cut trees and start building your home! Enjoy Siberian Winter Survival Simulator in 3D!