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Squeeze - Your daily pill of information

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Get the relevant information of top sources in minutes.

Squeeze delivers you the top news of the moment.

Everyday we get a huge amount of information from our favourite websites, a lot of that information is not relevant to us.

What happens? Instead of consuming information we let information consume us.

Go on a low-information diet and relieve the anxious feeling of losing something important.

By using selective ignorance in your favour you can save time and attention to things that really matter.

Squeeze proposes to be the focused way to get updates from the web, your daily pill of information.

Do it for your family, do it as a bet, do it as challenge, do it for your pet, do it as a favour to yourself… De-intoxicate from all the information around you and find inner peace.

With Squeeze the phrase “jump online for one second” has a truth in it.

Squeeze is not only an aggregator, but you personal web optimiser, the fastest and focused way to get up-to-date.