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Thou are a wart-necked, lily-livered codpiece! An odiferous, fat-kidneyed pumpion! A dankish, flap-mouthed hedge-pig, even! Oh, thou...

JerkSpeare is the PREMIER, VOICE-ENABLED Shakepearean insult generator, with smooth graphics and a fun slot-machine style randomizer offering 216,000 uniquely sanctimonious slanders.

Build insults manually, or press the button and hear the pompous English-accented verbal assailant berate you or anyone within earshot.

JerkSpeare also enables you to send your best, foulest insults directly to your frenemies by text message, so you're sure never to waste a particularly colorful invective.

So don't delay, you yeasty, ill-nurtured miscreant! Download JerkSpeare now and up your insult game!