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Dr. Watch

  • Health & Fitness
  • Medical
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Dr. Watch allows you to log health and fitness related items into HealthKit directly from your Apple Watch.

From the phone just select the items you wish to appear on the watch, then launch the Watch app to log new data.

You can optionally set up reminders on the phone for each item, and then just tap the notification when it shows up on the watch to be taken right to that item in the Watch app. This can be very convenient instead of having to hunt through the icons on the watch to find the app!

Dr. Watch requires HealthKit integration and an Apple Watch in order to be able to correctly perform all of its functions.

Some items such as Active Energy, Walking + Running Distance, and Flights Climbed are recorded automatically by your Apple Watch and/or iPhone. These are included in the app just in case there is extra data you want to log that was not automatically captured.