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Oppeos offers open space in every digital realm & in the real world for advertising. You can offer a space on your social media channel, your car or wherever you come up with then make money campaigning for brands you like. Advertisers can find you or you can find them with direct tiny URL links; or advertisers can choose among many 1 Click Campaign single or recurring advertising products. Sign up to offer your open space today! The app allows you to: Sign Up to offer open space Send a Query to advertise with us Pay for Advertising and get started immediately Experimental Marketing and Advertising Explore Uniqleos (finished campaigns) Upload Uniqleos (When Oppeos finish their campaign, they can upload their uniqleo directly from their mobile device). Products: Perfect Match: Find your own Oppeo(s) and purchase directly from them. Perfect Match II :Oppeos can reach out to Closeos (advertisers) and tell them they want to get paid to promote their brand! GPS: Local, National or International Specific Campaigns Viral: We can get your image, promotion, video, soundbit or product into thousands of venues at the same time. Want to see people all wearing your T-shirt, posting about your thing and have it in music videos, movies and television over the course of a day, weeks or years? This is the product for you. Campaign Definers: Time Sensitive: Need it now or will expire on a date (Events, Promotions, Sales, Releases, Crowdfunding) Embed in Culture: Put my closeo into the zeitgeist (Products, Brands, Experimental Campaigns) Permanent: Add Film, long term Analog spaces (Artwork, Long standing companies) Chronic: Campaign repeats often and automatically adjusts and experiments in new venues (Anyone) Campaign Enhancers: Skip-Stone: Targets demographics by word of mouth (digital and real world) through influencers and Oppeos. Educate: This allows advertisers to educate their Oppeo. EMICIRI: This gives us the chance to experiment in new markets. Who would have thought your product did well in... Argentina? Or New Mexico? Signal Boost: Adapt campaign for a new media or medium. NASA Space Enhancer: This may give you the opportunity to advertise somewhere beyond your wildest dreams (contact us for details). Non-profits, creatives, graphic designers and cross promotions all have a home here at Oppeos. Contact us through the app! Add advertising here is called "invertizing" cause we believe campaigning should happen "within" the media or world you are already experiencing like product placement in your life! And yes, we do produce analytic reports based on uniqleos.