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Revo Flow: Smart reservations

  • Business
  • Productivity
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• Ultrafast product search with smart filters and images
• Size and color control
• Barcode reader with Bluetooth or using your iPad camera
• Tickets can be "parked" to be used later
• Simple return and reimbursement process
• Can be used online and offline, so that you can keep working even if you lose Internet connection
• Real-time stock preview for all your stores
• Email invoicing system


• Sizes, colors and other variables of any kind
• Cash register control by work shift
and daily cash desk closing by register and business
• Multiple reports with filters available, exportable to Excel
• Manage users and privileges
• Stocks
• Client management
• Management of stocks with evaluation of costs


• Customizable sales tickets (invoices)
• Tickets can be "parked" to be used later
• Gift cards and vouchers with history
• Client management, with credit and purchase history, and payment management
• Discounts can be customized by client, by line of product or to a complete sale invoice
• Cashkeeper and Cashlogy cash management systems supported
• Built-in credit card payment system
• Simplified invoice, open price items
• Form of payment setup
• Taxes (including VAT)
• Apple Pay supported
• Fees by user
• Several tills allowed
• Email invoicing


• Inventory and stock control
• Management of suppliers and restocking purchase orders
• Client order management
• Product variations for fast creation
• Marketing campaigns
• Reports and metrics for business evaluation