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Fitly - Diyet Programları ve Fitness Videoları

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With Fitly, you can always have the body you desire, reach the diet lists which is special

to your type of nutrition, unlimitedly ask questions to dieticians and exercise trainers who

are experts in their fields.

You will have an amazing experience with above 300 split and thematic exercise videos,

made by 10 world-famous athlete, aim to get fit and gain muscle rapidly.

Fitly analayzes your body and calculates daily calorie you should intake according to

your body-mass index.

You can ask questions to the experts unlimitedly!

We present a perfect feature to the ones who want to have a fantastic body and shape.

You can unlimitedly ask questions to our exercise and diet trainers and get the answers

in a short time.

With Fitly, we are recording your every single day. You can check your, daily water

intake, activity, weight and keep track of your steps instantly. Fitly calculates the calorie

burn of your walks and updates instantaneously .

Furtermore, you can easily track the water you consume, add what you eat at the

breakfast and dinner or your snacks at the nutrition section and track the updated calorie

Features of Fitly

• You can unlimitedly ask questions to the exercise and diet trainers. The crew of

Fitly answers the questions in a short time.

• You can watch above 300 thematic and split exercise videos without any limit. All

of these exercises can be done easily at home. You will never need a gym.

• You can track your calories on a daily basis, calculate how far are you to reach

the goal for your daily calorie intake.

• The type of your nutrition is important for us! We present schedules special to

you. We band together a lot of diet programs icluding, regular nutrition,

vegetarian nutrition, gluten-free nutrition and detox nutrition. Amazing flavours

from world cuisine, prepared by dieticians who are experts by their fields, are

waiting for you.

• StepCounter: Thanks to fitly step tracker feature oparates with Apple Health,

calculates daily steps and gives the amount of the calorie you burn.

• Active Calorie: Fitly calculates the value of your daily calorie intake and by

intagrating these data into Apple Health enables you to easily track your every


• Exercise Videos: Fitly helps you get fit easily and have a great body with more

than 10 trainings, more than 300 video content and videos consist of 10 expert


• Exercises that can be done at home: All exercise videos that are in fitly can be

done at home. Only simple sport tools (dumbell, mat, kettlebell) help you get fit.

• Report: You can watch how much time you need to reach your desired form, the

water amount you need to drink, the calories you will get, your current weight and

the number of your steps in the report section and thus, you can reach your goals

much more faster.

Why Should I use Fity Premium?

The ones using Fity Premium reach their goals much more rapidly and easily. It is

recomended for the ones who want eating accurately, unlimitedly asking questions to the

experts and getting in shape.

Fitly Premium Özellikleri

• Privilage to unlimitedly ask questions to exercise trainers.

• 300 videos made by exercise trainers who are experts in their fields.

• Personal daily diet schedules (Regular, Gluten-free, Detox, Vegeterian)

• Rapid improvement with thematic and split exercise videos

• The opportunity of losing weight with nutrition programmes prepared special to

Fitly Subscription:

-Payments are collected after purchasing.

-Premium membership lasts as long as it is canceled until 24 hours before the membership time expires.

-You may adjust your membership settings by signing in your itunes account.

-Payments are collected from your itunes account.

-Fitly premium costs 1.99 $ per week.