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The National Youth Sports Institute (NYSI) is a centre of excellence with a mission to develop high performing student-athletes in Singapore and further enhance standards of youth athletes in the sport ecosystem. NYSI works closely with the Singapore Sports School and Singapore Sports Institute to drive youth sports development through four functional areas: Talent Identification and Development, Youth Coaching, Sport Science and Athlete Life Management. The NYSI app is an important tool for the NYSI team to disseminate essential information to you as a talented student-athlete. In addition, the app provides you with the ability to track key aspects of your sports training with functions covering maturation, sleep, hydration and wellness. Each of these functions allow you to email your information to your coach, PE teacher or an NYSI sport scientist. Maturation As a youth athlete it is important that you are aware of your maturation status. The Maturation function helps you to understand your maturation by tracking your height and weight on a monthly basis. Periods where your height suddenly increases could suggest that you are going through peak height velocity (PHV) which is an indication of maturation. Knowing when you are in your PHV period is important as you may experience physical changes which may influence performance in your sport. Sleep Sleep is vital for youth athletes as insufficient sleep can affect both your sports performance and long term development. The Sleep function provides you with the ability to track your sleep duration and quality. This includes tracking the time you slept, the duration of time that you were awake during the night, the time that you woke up and quality of your sleep. The function can help you see how simple changes, such as reduced smartphone usage and less caffeine, can improve the quantity and quality of your sleep. Hydration Being adequately hydrated is essential for youth athletes, especially in a hot and humid climate like Singapore. The Hydration function enables you to determine how well hydrated you were during your exercise, training or competition session. Wellness There are many factors that can affect your sporting performance, ranging from the physical to the mental and including your stress level, mood, fatigue and energy levels. The Wellness function allows you to keep track of these factors to help you understand how they affect your performance in training and competition, and how you can influence them for better sports performance. Should you require any assistance using the app please feel free to contact us at