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Bobs Treasure Hunt

iPhone / iPad
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Download Bob’s Treasure Hunt now to play the latest addictive arcade game on your device anywhere and anytime! The objective of this game is to guide Bob to the treasure in a maze filled with obstacles. You need to avoid the pit or the spheres of burning doom in order to stay alive! Collect the hidden treasure and make a run for the exit to advance to the next level.

Bob is in a dangerous situation. He is stranded on a treasure island and is forced into a deadly hunt games where he must collect the hidden treasure in each maze. The evil villain has created pits that Bob must avoid and spheres of burning doom which move with various speed. Make a wrong move and Bob is toast! You need to guide him to collect the treasure and then to find the exit door while avoiding the danger. Remember that Bob MUST collect the treasure before walking out or the exit door will not work for our poor guy. Bob is given three lives by the Master villain. Do you have what it takes to guide Bob out of the dangerous situation in this treasure island?

Bob’s Treasure Hunt TOP Features:

• Play the addictive hunt games in classic arcade style. This game is created for people who miss the classical arcade games.

• Easy gameplay and game control. You will see the movement button on your screen to move up and down, right or left. The buttons are big enough so you can tap on them comfortably on your screen. These are the only buttons you need to tap when playing Bob’s Treasure Hunt. Don’t worry about attacking or collecting. Just guide Bob toward the hidden treasure, collect it, and rush toward the exit door!

• Three chances. You are given three lives before Game Over on this treasure island. Use it wisely and avoid making stupid mistakes in the first few levels just because you are rushing forward.

• Time your movement well. Study the pattern of the spheres as well as possible and how you can avoid them in this arcade game.

• Strategy. There is no time limit for each level so you don’t have to rush. It’s better to play safe and move slowly toward your treasure than dying because you are in a hurry.

• 30 Levels. This game contains 30 levels of mazes with increasing difficulty. Immerse yourself playing for hours in this hunt games. See how far you can move with your three lives and conquer this game!
Bob’s Treasure Hunt is especially created with arcade games fanatics in mind. We use traditional control and traditional pixel graphic to make this hidden treasure game more authentic.

We are always striving to provide the best user experience for our players. We are also looking for your feedback, suggestion or recommendation. Please, feel free to email us at " " so we can continue to bring you the best experiences and updates.