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Hawk Sounds!

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Learn hawk calls and identify these birds by their sound in nature!

Hawks are large predatory birds that exist primarily in North America and are widespread in this region. One of the most common species of hawk is the red tailed hawk, who lives primarily in grasslands or deserts where there are wide open spaces suitable for hunting prey. However, these and other hawk species are also found in mountainous and even tropical regions. The hawk is a majestic bird of prey often spotted perched high in a tree, using their incredible eyesight to spot mice, squirrels or other small mammals to eat.

Hawks primarily call out while hunting or when they are threatened or angered by a predator or another hawk encroaching on their territory. The sound the hawk makes is a hoarse high-pitched scream. In addition to the well-known hawk scream, hawks also make softer croaking noises that can only be heard at close range.

Learn what a hawk really sounds like with these genuine hawk calls! You can even begin to identify these powerful birds by their vocalizations in the wild!