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Clash of thrones(Before the Storm)

iPhone / iPad
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  • Strategy
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We all know it’s going to be an everlasting war. Warrior, which faction will you choose to fight for: the Horde or the Alliance? Construct and fortify your stronghold, recruit Humans, Orcs, Elves and the Dark Force to build an army of your own. Ambush or siege, pursuit or retreat, defense or assistance, it’s your call. You can even destroy all the cities on the world map if you feel like it. It’s all about strength in the world of Clash of Thrones. After all, only the last man standing will take the throne! 【An Immersive World】 The catastrophe befalls the world. Humans, Orcs, Elves and the Dark Force form the Alliance and the Horde, in an effort to fight their common enemies to survive. The ancient darkness is corrupting this world. Can you build a fortress to resist the darkness and expand your territory? 【Diversified Units】 Over 16 types of buildings with which you can gather resources, recruit units, hone the skills of your heroes, expand your technology tree, learn new magic. Push them to the limits to recruit dozens kinds of units of various races. Time to wage an epic war across the world map! 【Strategies rule!】 The most user-friendly world map ever! Zoom in to focus on every single battle; Zoom out to look at the bigger picture. Deploy your units anytime to lend your allies a hand or ambush your opponents. Attack your targets or retreat from the battleground at the right moment. Clash of Thrones sets new boundaries for war simulation games! 【Unite and Conquer! 】 Any lords who are hungry for war are welcomed in Clash of Thrones. Strength and strategy speak for themselves here! Fight alongside your allies to occupy land of resources. Annihilate your common enemies together! We always resort to war in Clash of Thrones! Imagine Frost Wyrms, Taurens, Mages and Druids all teaming up! Join Clash of Thrones now, one of the best fantasy strategy mobile games of 2016! Warriors, having problems? Visit or go to "Settings">"Game Instructions" for help. Follow us to get the latest about Clash of Thrones. -Facebook: -Twitter: