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Brick Breaker 3D Glow

iPhone / iPad
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If you like breakout / arkanoid from old videogames, this game is for you.
It keeps the old retro gameplay while presenting new impressive 3d glow graphics.
Re-live the gold days with this new brick breaker game.

A 5-star brick breaker game, the best out there.

The main differences and improvements of our brick breaker over the classic are the visuals. The presents 3D bricks and neon glows. In addition, there is plenty of fire and explosion effects, since your ball is now a fireball.
The levels are easy at the beginning, but soon they start to become more challenging with new kinds of bricks, luckily there is a lot of power-ups to help you out.

- 48 stages in 4 challenging worlds.
- Collect money by breaking the bricks.
- Plenty of power-ups to buy in the shop.
- Different kind of bricks (bricks that move, bricks that shoot you back and more).
- Plenty of space for your thumb, so you can drag your paddle without cover your vision.
- Impressive 3D neon glow graphics, lots of fire, explosion and particle effects.

The objective is to break all the bricks by making a ball bounce on your paddle at the bottom of the screen. When the ball hits the brick it will be destroyed and the ball changes direction.
You can move the paddle sideways with your finger, aim to the ball to avoid let it fall in the pit, if this happens you lose a life. Arkanoid is super simple yet really fun to play.

We kept most of the power-ups from the classic arkanoid and added some more. Be sure to check the shop to see all power ups available.
- Multi-Fireball - turn your fireball in three.
- Explosion Fireball - Explode and break bricks in a huge area.
- Magnet Paddle - Holds the fireball close to the paddle.
- Extra Coin - Gives you more money to buy power ups.
- Laser barrier - Avoid your ball falling to the pit.
- Increase Width - Increases the paddle width.
- Shooting Paddle - The paddle start to shoot fireballs.
- Among others.

The list of bricks you will found in our brick breaker arkanoid.
* Simple brick - bricks that stand still and die on one hit.
* Resistent brick - bricks that can take 2 or 3 hits do be destroyed.
* Shooting brick - bricks that shoot back at you, be careful.
* Moving brick - bricks that keep moving sideways.
* Toggle bricks - bricks that turn off the laser barrier (only world 4).
* Indestructible bricks - bricks that don't break, you don't need to break all of them to win the game.

If you found out mistakes or have ideas for future updates for our game, please,
feel free to email us at or leave a comment in the rating session.