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Format No. 2

iPhone / iPad
  • Music
  • Entertainment
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Format No. 2


Foo/Skou proudly present Format No. 2 - An art piece consisting of an iPhone application and a series of graphic scores and installation pieces.

The iPhone application uses computer vision algorithms, to recognize circles and plays a soundscape depending on the size and the location of the circles it sees.

Experience Format No. 2 at Foo / Skou exhibitions, buy one of our fine art prints online at or explore sounds of circles with our app elsewhere.

Format No. 2 is inspired by optical sound and visual music experiments from history.

How the Format No. 2 app works:

· Uses the camera to interpret the visual data as sound

· Maps circles to sound samples

· Reads in a sequence, one circle at a time

· Each circle detected in a different location on the screen triggers a different sample

· The size of the circle determines the volume of the sample

· Format No. 2 is open-source and created with openFrameworks

Foo / Skou is a duo consisting of artists and musicians Louise Foo and Martha Skou. The app has been developed in collaboration with programmer Johann Diedrick.