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Quite simply, Fetch1 is a TRUE social sharing service. The Fetch1 app is a multi-purpose platform, in which communities move the goods to simplify busy schedules, make money delivering, run business, and provide inputs to help evolve into something even better.

The Fetch1 app suggests a reasonable price for each delivery, however it can adjusted. A final price is agreed-upon, and the delivery process is off and running! All users are vetted making for a more secure transaction. With Fetch1 you can move just about anything, from people to pizza, from Granny’s birthday present to flowers for a loved one, and beyond. Grab a friend and run a few deliveries through our service to check it out. If you like it, tell all your friends. If not, tell us!

Fetch1 does not charge for the use of this app.  The driver, minus a small unavoidable bank transaction fee, keeps all the money they earn…..100%, no if, ands, or buts about it! The transaction is between you and your delivery person. No price gouging, labor abusing, black car driving CEOs here.

We are grassroots and proud of it. We hope that you will use and share the app; foster the real shared economy, and support the Fetch1 team. We hope that you will do it because you like great delivery services at a reasonable cost, like providing job opportunities, like giving the underdog a fighting chance, and like having the power in your control. Let's help our communities by reinvesting in them, by reinvesting the power in the people that make our communities, not some multi-national conglomerate pretending to be a “friend” of the social sharing movement. Support the Fetch1 endeavor to return the power to the people. Let's keep the social sharing movement the way it was meant to be...  Shared and Social… You know, neighbors being neighborly. Now that's something to smile about.