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Epic Gravity: Episode 2

iPhone / iPad
  • Games
  • Education
  • Action
  • Simulation
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It's a space simulation experience. Watch the trailer:

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to fly through space? Would it be boring?

What if you had a ship that could accelerate to speeds faster than light in a few seconds? Would that make it fun?

What if it modelled space travel and gravity realistically so that you could orbit or land on a planet or slingshot around the sun?

This is a scaled down simulation of our inner solar system where the distances are proportional to our own and you can orbit a planet in a dozen seconds and use your thruster to accelerate to amazing speeds. Don’t forget that you have to slow down at your destination.

- Simple controls, direction and thrust
- Fast 60-fps frame rate (on most devices)
- Story mode has ten missions (no locks, play them all win or lose, remembers your highest and last scores)
- Includes the ten training missions from Episode 1 for 20 missions total
- Simulation mode lets you experience the inner solar system to explore and practice flying without any specific challenges other than not running into something at high velocity (1000 units of fuel to start and fuel cubes are sprinkled to allow re-fuel/repair)
- Accelerate to the speed of light in one second (actually you can reach 5 C (multiples of light speed) in about 9 seconds - it’s really fast)
- Feel the gravity of the sun (do a sun orbit or a slingshot maneuver)
- 1,000’s of asteroids to blow up