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Cut No Waste

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We need 45 pieces of length 965 mm, 258 pieces of 376 mm, 5778 of 743 ... How many standard elements we have to buy ? Which is the pieces combination for each one of the standard elements ? Cut no waste gives us the right answers and save our money.
It is a professional cutting list with the following contents:
- Number of truly necessary standard elements
- Combination of the pieces to be cut from each of the standard elements
- The check of the efficiency of the cutting list: actual use of materials, residual for future re-use, scrap to be recycled
- Database of cutting lists
- Saving the cutting list in Photo Album for print and / or e mail sending
- Customization of the system of units: SI International (mm, m), US imperial (ft, yd)
- Footer text customization

- Standard element length Lb: unlimited
- Maximum length of the pieces to be cut Lp: unlimited
- Minimum length of workpiece: Lb / 240
- Number of cutting lists: unlimited
- The number of the kinds of pieces to be cut for each list: 6
- Number of pieces to be cut for every type: unlimited

Waiting time of the results:
The waiting time is a function of the ratio Rv = Lb / Lp between the standard length of the element and the minimum length of the pieces to be cut.
To Rv less or equal to 10 the waiting time is almost nil. For example: Lb = 8000 mm, Lp = 1000 mm, Rv = 8, waiting time: 1 second.
The waiting time increases as the ratio Rv.
For example: Lb = 12000 mm, minimum Lp = 357 mm, Rv = 33.61, waiting time: 4 seconds.
The maximum value recorded is Rv = 240. For example: Lb = 6000 mm, Lp = 25mm, waiting time = 4 minutes and 40 seconds

English, French, German, Italian, Spanish.