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angry shot(Freeball)-To kobe

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The most interesting basketball game with full of skills and surprise!
Come and experience the process from a rookie to a superstar!
Moreover, we'd like to salute Kobe Bryant and everyone who have ever striven hard for their dreams just like YOU!

Now the introductions-
Several methods to extend the duration of one game:
1. Clean shot +3s
2. Continual clean shots (at least 3) +5s
3. Shoot over the screen to achieve the "Angry Shot", then man can get triple time.
4. Basketball hitting the ground and then bouncing up to goal can also get triple time.

Methods to get scores:
1. Common goal 1 point
2. Clean shot 3 points
3. Continual clean shot 5 points
4. Shoot at two baskets (Double) double points
5. Shoot at three baskets (Triple) triple points
6. Shoot over the screens (Angry Shot) triple points
7. Hitting the ground and then bouncing up to goal (Rebound Goal) tripe points

Special rules and props:
1.The players put the basket by themselves and they can arrange the 2.location of the baskets as their strategy. The possibility for the 3.appearance of the basket each shot it 15%.
4.The player can buy basket.
5.The player can buy the longer guide line witch can improve the accuracy of one’s shot.
6.Since there will be influences of soft to mild wind before each shot, man can also buy windshield

Other settings:
1.We hope the players can explore how to get more points, so we made guidance for them to find more way of getting points. Meanwhile it could help the players upgrade from a beginner to a ball king!
2.To create a lonely and incentive atmosphere, we didn’t add any music during the day time(7:00~19:00). However, when a player score a goal, cats will be attracted and cheer for him. Beyond that coins and WOW will fall down. When night falls, you will see something different.