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Rthm - The Life App

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Rthm provides a window into your body. It was designed to offer insight on how well your body is doing, and how it is changing over time. Take just 30 seconds a day to check in on your health.

It is the only mobile app capable of monitoring your heart rate through clothes, allowing it to track your cardiovascular health over time, guide your meditation, and remove the question of “is this exercise and meditation really working?”

Though it works without a genetic test, signing up for the DeepRthm genetic analysis allows the AI to use your DNA and the length of your Telomeres (molecular markers of stress and aging) to curate your precise nutritional, exercise, and behavioural needs, and deliver the results directly to your app. If you already have been genotyped by 23andMe, AncestryDNA, Family Tree DNA, or DeCODEme you can upload your data at and instantly begin receiving insights and view your traits about your health in the Rthm app.

Get Motivated. 
-Set your daily goals for steps, active time, meditation time, and sleep duration. Rthm monitors your progress towards these goals using a fun and intuitive user interface.

Get Heart Rate in 6 seconds.
-Simply hold the phone flat on your chest and wait until you feel a vibration.
-If you are exercising and your heart rate is elevated select exercise mode before placing on chest for an accurate reading.
-Improve your heart health by tracking your resting heart rate and overall fitness.

Get Active.
-Rthm uses Health Kit to track your activity trends, steps, distance, calories.

Get Mindful in 2 minutes. 
-Easy meditation anywhere with real-time feedback from your breathing and heart patterns. Choose a meditation time, hold your phone still, and breathe with the visual guide. The phone will vibrate when your meditation has completed. You will receive a summary of how your heart rate changed through the meditation.

Get Rested.
Rthm tracks your sleep times automatically and maps your circadian rhythm to provide recommendations on how you can improve your sleep. 

Get DeepRthm. 
-Opt for DeepRthm Genetic Analysis and receive a DNA collection kit used to sequence your genes and telomere length.
-Receive genetic based health recommendations for a longer life.

Get Smart Tips.
-Rthm discovers insights and provides tips on what you can do to improve your well-being.

Get Rthm.