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Battle Rope Challenge Workout

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Ropes can have a lot of usages : sailing, S&M, you name it. But have you ever thought of fitness?

Yes, it's a fabulous combination that totally eliminates the boredom factor. Adding an unconventional training technique to your fitness regimen will not only restore life to your workouts, it’ll shock different muscles into action.

Originally developed for specific combat sports such as football and Mixed Martial Arts, heavy rope training (or rope battling) is making it mainstream. If you’re looking for highly effective, back-to-basics type of conditioning that brings a new twist to your fitness routine, this is it.

Along with increasing your strength, power and endurance, the constant motion of rope battling will floor you with a muscle-toning, metabolic workout unlike any other. You’ll be shocked at how fast a few quick whips can get you to your maximum heart rate.

All You Need
- one sturdy, low-cost piece of equipment--rope. Don’t have one? No problem. Head to your local hardware store and get yourself about 50 feet of manila rope (1.5 to 2 inches in thickness). Manila is best because it’s sturdy and will stand up to the weekly pounding you put it through.