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Welcome to Xircoolo! This is a puzzle game based on the concept of Matter and Antimatter. It is designed to be enjoyed by people of all ages! Challenge yourself! Aim for the Leaderboards! Check out the rules below and the rules button on the App for more info. *************** Rules: 1. The game starts by selecting 2 chips to be compared. 2. Three things can happen when chips are compared: a. Both chips disappear b. One chip disappears c. Nothing happens 3. If nothing happens, you can select another chip to compare. 4. If one chip disappears, the remaining chip becomes active and you get to select another chip to match it with. 5. If both chips disappear, the game automatically ends. Note: If there are remaining chips when both chips disappear then it is game over. Make sure to only do this when there are only 2 remaining chips on the board. 6. The goal of the game is to remove all 20 chips on the board. *************** Chips: 1. Each chip has an inner colour and outer colour. 2. When chips are matched, the inner colour of the first chip is compared to the outer colour of the second chip and vice versa. 3. If the outer colour of one chip matches the inner colour of the other chip then the one with the Outer Colour Remains. Remember: Outer colour dominates the inner colour. 4. If the inner and outer colours of both chips match then both chips disappear. 5. If no inner and outer colours match then nothing happens. ***Note: Remember to check out the RULES page in the App for more info.