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This game was developed in BEPiD UCB.

“My head hurts. Yesterday's hangover, maybe. Some weeks ago I stopped using my medication. I have arrived to the hut four days ago and until now I didn’t have any distinct hallucination, just “normal” things like doors slamming or things falling from out of nowhere. I remember when I was young, of spirits forming before me and trying to attack me. Psychiatrists used to say that I hurt me myself. Cuts, bumps and some similar things were common in my childhood. Soon I was diagnosed with acute schizophrenia and needed to pass through treatments and medicines.
I am a writer of horror and fantasy literature. I have never had a lot of success, there was sold some books and other died in the shelf. the publishing house gave me a ultimatum to finish one of my books, but my inspirations are too weak… I stop to use my medicines hopping that my hallucinations could come back to life and could inspire me. I am afflicted… Nights ago I saw a dark and hideous creature trying to kill me, but while I try keep myself watchful I think it won’t happen anything.”

“An HorrorGame” is an horror game developed for TvOS where the player controls a writer of books who has dark and macabre visions and should frighten them to survive.