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Build Wall XL

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Beans are trying to enter your land through holes in your wall! Stop them by building a wall and keep your land great!

Build Wall XL is a side scrolling, fast paced, arcade style game where you must build a wall in order to keep the beans from entering your land. Tap on the beans as they appear on your screen in order to build a wall and keep your land great. Earn a high score for a chance to unlock harder difficulties but don’t be fooled by the seemingly innocent names; THIS GAME IS DIFFICULT. If you find yourself having trouble earning new difficulties, get good, or purchase the paid version (Build Wall XL Plus) where all difficulties are unlocked from the beginning and is AD FREE.

Build Wall XL is built for ipad, in order to play on iphone please download Build Wall!.

Your little games are a waste of time 0/5 - Father
See you in time/10 – Satan
It's not 8K and doesn’t run at a crisp 120 fps but 10/10 would play again, best game ever! – Newport Institute of Technology

Thank you for downloading, and please no bully.