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Dog Whining Sounds

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Check out dog whining sounds that are just like real life!

With this app you'll find dog whining sounds from different breeds, from little puppies and mini terriers to large labs and golden retrievers! Play these whining sounds for your dog and see whether they start to whine along! Or use the annoying dog whine sound to prank or bother your friends or neighbors!

If you have a dog, you're already familiar with this common canine sound! Dogs whine for many different reasons! Your pup may whine as a way of asking for something or getting your attention, such as when he needs to go outside to pee. Dogs may also whine when they are sad or miss their owners. This is likely the case if your dog starts to whine immediately when you leave the house. But not all whining is to communicate needs or wants, sometimes when a puppy is overwhelmed with excitement they may start to whine or bark! If your dog whines when you pick up the leash to go for a walk, this is probably just excitement at the upcoming neighborhood adventure!

Whether your dog is missing you, asking for attention, or whining with excitement, their needy high-pitched vocalizations are sure to get your attention! While cats are typically fairly quiet pets, dogs are quite vocal and make lots of different sounds to communicate with their owners!