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MoneTude is a fun, challenging and interactive financial literacy game with three levels of play.

The player must achieve success at each level before gaining access to the next level. Each level represents money management decisions that are typical for a particular age range. The BSIDS Coaches are present throughout the game to captivate and engage the player as they learn and make money wise decisions. Critical thinking, problem solving, reading comprehension and mathematical skills are essential as the player navigates through the modules and learn to embrace a smart money attitude.

Each level starts the player off with “seed” money to create a budget. The seed money progressively increases at Level 2 and Level 3. The player learns the concepts of how to budget, save, invest, donate and spend.

To become Money Wise, the player must achieve the following success factors:
Saver >=100% of budgeted money
Investor >= 100% of budgeted money
Donator >= 100% of budgeted money
Spender: >= 50% of budgeted money and <=100% of budgeted money

At Levels 2 and 3, Gameplay has built in critical failures that will cause the player to fail immediately. Selections made in the Investor for “Real Estate” prior to Gameplay must be selected in Gameplay. If a payment is not selected or missed in Gameplay, the game ends. The player will have to replay the Level.