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Famous Artists Trivia Quiz – Download Best Free Education Game and Become Fine Arts Pro

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“Famous Artists Trivia Quiz – Download Best Free Education Game and Become Fine Arts Pro” is an art game about famous artists and their astonishing world of paintings that will blow your mind! Art games are excellent art lessons for kids and bring a lot of fun to the players. This is exactly one such art game! Arts for kids and adults, art history, famous artists for kids, famous paintings! Everything in the same place!

Available in 2 different game plays:

*** Endless – the player will answer questions until they give 3 wrong answers. If you're good enough, you can go on playing this mode for hours even!
*** Time Mode – the game is time-limited. Each correct answer will give additional time to the player to keep them in the game, and each wrong answer will deduce some amount of time. So, careful with your answers!

No matter which game play you choose, you will have multiple choice questions – the classic multiple choice-based trivia with several answers given where one gives you the correct answer and enables you to move on further through the game.

Download this amazing quiz for free, and have fun playing one of the best art games on your mobile phone or tablet. Explore the world of your favorite famous artist via this art quiz and tell your friends about this stunning art trivia game! Learn interesting information about the works of classic artists like van Gogh, Picasso or Monet. Find out which art period each of these famous painters belonged to. Art crafts for kids and adults in the same place! Paintings for kids and everything you need to become a true art guru! This great art app is just a download away! Don't hesitate! Educate yourselves using this famous artists game and learn about all the important famous painters and famous paintings in a fun way!