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ObserveToGrow is designed to provide prospective teachers will quality information that they can then analyze to improve their practice. Data collection is made easy so that it can be done frequently and the process becomes non-threatening.

Valid, easy to collect, non-judgmental information is the basis of O2G. An observer collects the data, but the process works best when the teacher candidate is the first person to reflect on, and comment on the information. The process is known as S.I.R. or Self-Initiation and Reflection where the teacher candidate takes initiative in what is to be observed and has the first opportunity to reflect on the data that has been collected. This leads to an informed conversation with the observer.

Categories that can be recorded are: teacher movement, student movement, question types, teacher-student interaction, student-student interaction, and management statements.

ObserveToGrow includes access to a support website that includes advice to new teachers, teaching tips, and links to research and YouTube videos that support good instruction.