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Baby Room Design Inspiration Ideas

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Tips and Ideas to Decorate Your Baby Room Design

Creating a space for baby, both boy and baby girl room ideas can be a daunting task. There's many things to consider like the theme, what colors to use, the decor and where to place the furniture. It can be easier to just stick with the traditional blue or pink designs but that may not be for everyone. Or maybe you do want to stick to pink and blue but are looking for other ways to make the room a little different from the norm.

If you want to explore more creative ways to add to the baby room decor ideas so that it can have a fresher, more unique look and feel to it then you may enjoy some of these nursery tips and ideas I used to design my daughter's nursery.

Use an Object as a Focal Point to Decorate Baby's Nursery

Choosing a color scheme is a big part in how to decorate a room and is a complicated task alone so straying from the traditional pink and blue can make that task even more complicated. When in doubt (like we were), use an object that you know will be placed in the room as a starting point. I chose a frame that was given to the baby as a gift from her grandfather. It was a sentimental piece that had her name on it and it would be used to hold some of her photos. Therefore, I knew it was going to be a focal point in her room.

Luckily, the color of the picture frame was a pretty purple and white so I matched the paint to the frame. I didn't want the usual pink color to dominate the color scheme of the room but I still appreciated the girly effect that the colors purple and white achieved.

Color Inspiration: Using Various Colors and Patterns to Decorate Baby Room

Decorate with Stripes and Glitter

Another great tip if you want a more creative spin on the nursery are to use different patterns aside from just solid colored walls. I chose to design the lower half of the walls with stripes using softer, paler colors.

I chose a blush pink and light gray for the stripes but to make it more whimsical and unique, I needed something special to add to make the room twinkle...glitter! I used silver glitter wall tape to add to the stripes.

If there's one room in the house you can be bold and have fun with room design ideas, it's the nursery. That special little something (silver glitter) gave her room that child-like feeling and helped set the fun, whimsical mood in her room.

Use Glitter in Baby's Room

Get Creative with Arches and Uneven Structures in the Space

Does the room have any disadvantages the way it was built? Is the room constructed with varying levels or uneven structures? Turn negatives into positives and take advantage of any arches or varying leveled structures the space provides. My daughter's room offered an arched part of the ceiling since her room is on the second floor. I first thought that may be a problem with decorating the room because I wanted a nice even space for decorating and designing.

Then, I saw its potential. That area was the perfect place to create another design or pattern to give the room a fun and unique look. I decided to use that space to paint a sky. It added an innocent, angelic setting which emphasized the room was a baby's nursery. I used a light blue color and the same pink blush paint from the stripes and border for the clouds so that the colors would tie in together. It may be blue and pink but here they are combined to work together for a creative design instead of being isolated from one another.

Use Arches and Uneven Structures to Your Advantage