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It seems as if everything is getting smarter nowadays. Smartphones, smartwatches, smart homes, smart cars, smart refrigerators, even smart coffee makers. But one vital part of our lives is conspicuously staying dumb: clocks. We use them every day. They answer the question "What time is it?", but they don't do much else.

Enter Chronoface, the solution to this problem. Chronoface is an easy-to-use clock app that provides intelligence with stunning simplicity. Some LCD clocks cram information on the tiny face, but they look terrible.

Like a normal clock, Chronoface displays the time and date. But it goes further, displaying the current weather. And unlike any clock, Chronoface can also show all of your upcoming calendar events and reminders!

Finally, you can add a custom background and change the theme, making this clock 100% you. And nothing else.

Developed by Ronak Roy.