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Butterflies of Greece

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Welcome to the application THE BUTTERFLIES OF GREECE with part of the content as presented in the book THE BUTTERFLIES OF GREECE (ISBN 978-960-92740-1-2). For more information on the book THE BUTTERFLIES OF GREECE and the necessity for the protection of the butterflies of Greece in I express my sincere thanks to those who supported this particular endeavor: Athanasios Elafropoulos, Georgios Kapsouras, Athanasios Maglaras, Theodosis Mamais, Simon Spencer and Stavros Stavridis.

Lazaros N. Pamperis
Larissa Greece
August 2016
Documents, photographs
© Lazaros N. Pamperis

The use of photographs is allowed only inside this app.


Your records of the butterflies of Greece could be very useful for the protection of the butterflies and the environment in Greece.
Keep your records and photographs taken always accompanied with the exact locality, coordinates (latitude and longitude) and altitude (m). Also keep any other information associated with the butterflies (eg number individuals of males or females seen, mating behavior, host plants etc).

In you can find detailed instructions from the Ministry of Environment (127557_2178_2015.pdf) for how to make an application and obtain a permission for research, investigation, photography, cinematography, collecting, capturing and exporting from Greece animals and plants (including butterflies). The application should be addressed to: Ministry for Environment and Energy, Directorate General for the Protection and Development of Forests and the Rural Environment, Directorate of Forest Management, Halkokondili 31, 104 32 Athens – GREECE

For how to obtain a permission and details for the application, see in (135366-16.pdf)
You can use this app to create the form (PDF) RECORDS FOR BUTTERFLIES IN GREECE.
If you want to share these records, you can send this form to
or to Lazaros N. Pamperis
P.O. Box 1220
41110 Larissa

Users of this Application are welcomed to send their photographs for future (once per year) improvements of the selection of photographs, used for a more efficient identification in the field.

Your records will improve the accuracy of the maps of distribution in a future third edition of the book THE BUTTERFLIES OF GREECE.
You can send also to this e-mail your photographs for identification of the species or confirmation of the record.