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Track and Assess

  • Health & Fitness
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Life Moves Fast. Always Remember What Happened.

Track and Assess is an empowering new tool that helps you track different areas of your life for wellness and accountability.

Using more than 40 custom emojis, you will be able to clearly identify your daily mood or assessment of other people/situations. Unlimited comments, images, and file uploads will help you keep track of real-time observations and thoughts.

After a certain period of time, you will be able to export your private report and begin assessing your life! The report will calculate your emoji input and will store all of the supporting files per day. Everything you need to create your own paper trail is right here in this app!


• Yourself
• Track your daily feelings and thoughts.
• Identify moods, patterns, and need for change.

• Another Person
• Monitor your child, parent, or someone you are concerned with.
• Input daily with up to (5) family members, friends, or contributors.

• Workplace
• HR is not your friend.
• Protect yourself! Create your own private paper trail.

• Unwelcome Behavior
• Track inappropriate behavior or an abusive partner.
• Fight back! Upload images, documents to support your report.

• Injury
• Monitor your pain, progress.
• Build a report to support your case!

• Health
• New Prescription? Trying a new product?
• Track your observations!


• Affordable and easy to use
• 40+ custom emojis to choose from
• Unlimited comments/thought storage
• Unlimited image and document uploads
• Professional, accurate reports
• Shareable reports for doctors or legal experts
• Invitation tool: Up to (5) contacts for group reporting
• Calendar to identify specific daily inputs


We are on a constant pursuit of knowledge and are always searching for different ways to enhance this tool! We remain dedicated to helping you improve your life.

If you have any questions or feedback, our door is always open.

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