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Golf Tracker

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Tired of counting (and recounting) to add up your golf scores at the end of the round?
Wish you knew what the current scores were while you're at the 6th tee without adding up all the scores for your group?
Wouldn't it be nice to have a scorekeeper like on TV showing you have a -2 round going?
Or have course and golfer statistics at your fingertips, such as "Who has the course record for this course?" or "What was my score on hole 8 last week?"

Mark's Apps Golf Tracker does all this for you. It lets you enter your golf scores as you golf, keeps running totals of your rounds, saves your past rounds for review and logs statistics on every golfer in your group and every hole on every course you play.

It's also great for disc golf too!

Version 1.1 added the highly requested editing and deleting of golfers and courses.

Version 1.2 added:
- The MUCH asked for ability to view past rounds!!!
- Revamped the golfer and course stats screens into areas and added the list of rounds played.
- Added hole by hole stats on the "Round" screen so you can see your running score as well as all hole scores in one place.
- When you touch "Done" to end a round, it gives you a chance to review your scores before closing it out.

Version 1.3 adds:
- Allow you to end a round early for all golfers
- Changed the default par to 4 when setting up a new course
- Made the "past rounds" section on the player's stats screen easier to read

Version 1.4:
- In/out stroke total
- Visual changes
- iPhone 3.0 compatible

I'll let an email from Oliver have the last word:
"I just want to thank you for the update. I really like this Apps. It's user friendly and easy to use. I just got back into golfing again and bought new clubs and with your apps, it gave me another reason to go out and golf some more. I feel like a pro with this even though my handicap is high for
now. This apps adds to the fun of playing golf again."